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Classroom Policies

Homework (20% of grade)

-          Late Work is not accepted

-          Absent work is accepted (1 day absent = 1 extra day to turn in assignment)

-          Homework is assigned every Tuesday and Thursday

-          Each assignment is checked and graded in class

-          Each assignment is held by the student until Friday

-          On Friday the homework will be turned in as a packet

-          Each individual assignment will be worth five points

-          Packets will be graded, scored, and returned within seven days

-          Chapter readings are assigned Monday and Wednesday

-          Fridays are reserved for catch up, review, labs, and/or activities


Daily Catalyst (10% of grade)

-          Small assignments completed during the first few minutes of class

-          Based on prior lectures / assigned reading

-          Open book / open notes


Class Notes (combined with Daily Catalyst)

-          Taken most days

-          Must be neat

-          Turned in for credit on test day


Labs / Activities (20% of grade)

-          Hands on assignments designed to reinforce lessons
Projects (10% of grade)
                -        Science Fair Projects
                -        Mouse Trap Racers
                -        Soda Bottle Rockets

Test / Quizzes (25% of grade)

-          Quizzes are scheduled throughout the chapter – NO POP QUIZZES

-          Tests are scheduled at the end of a unit. Students are allowed one page of hand written notes to assist them with any test.


CRT / Final (15% of grade)

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