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Extra Credit

If you are reading this then you are interested in raising your grade. It is always best if this page is read by the parent and the child. Please understand that extra credit is not designed to perform miracles onto grades. Extra Credit is not magic. In addition, extra credit and school work is not punishment.
As a parent it might be helpful to;
1) Talk with your child
2) Spend more time with your child
3) Restrict activities until grades improve
4) Confiscate the cell phone
5) Clean out your child's backpack
6) Demand organization
7) Create homework routines
8) Monitor grades online - see Online Grades
9) Schedule a parent/teacher conference - see Contact Mr. Gillette
10) Sit with your child during class.
The best recipe of success that I have learned is;
1) Do your work - all your work, not just what you want to do (this includes the assigned readings)
2) Turn your work in on time - I do not accept late work
3) Take notes in class - do not just pretend (students - you know what I mean)
4) Ask questions - I can't read your mind
5) Participate in class - don't let your lab partners do all the work
6) Prepare for the test - I tell you what is on the test, create test notes.
Once you are doing all six steps above, then you are ready for extra credit. Remember success and failure is largely determined by your choices and effort.
If you are interested in completing extra credit here are some ideas.
1) Attend extra astronomy viewings. See Astronomy Requirements.
2) Create a model of an atom. See possible example.
3) Outline the chapter we are studing. See example.
4) Find a science article in a newspaper, magazine, or website and write a half page report about that article.
5) Create a model of the solar system. See possible example.
6) Write a half page report about one Element on the Periodic Table.
7) Write a half page report about a famous scientist.
8) Talk with Mr. Gillette about an extra credit assignment you find interesting.