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Science Fair Ideas


Can a sundial measure time accurately?

Does the moon rise in the same spot every night?

How do fins on a rocket affect its flight?

How do fins on a straw rocket affect its flight?

What conditions produce craters?


Which egg substitutes are best for different recipes?

How does temperature affect the rate of a simple reaction? (use antacids)

How does particle size affect the rate of a reaction? (use antacids)

How does temperature affect the brewing of tea?

Which detergent is best for removing stains?

What conditions are best to prevent soda from losing carbonation?

What is the effect of salt on boiling water?

Do natural or chemical fertilizers work best?

Which soda decays fallen out teeth the fastest?



Which paper towel absorbs the fastest?

How does temperature affect air pressure in a tire?

How does a container’s size and shape affect evaporation rates?

How does exposure to sunlight affect the strength of a plastic bag?

Which types of paper have the least amount of fading in sunlight?

Which is the best liquid solvent for separating a marker stain?

Which type of microwave popcorn pops the best?

How does the type of liquid impact the time it takes for the liquid to freeze?

How does salinity affect the freezing point of liquids?

What is the best way to remove wrinkles from fabric?

How does density affect the buoyancy of objects?

Which brand of paper towels is the strongest when wet?

How does temperature affect the drying time of paint?

What type of paper makes the best paper airplane?

Does shoe design really affect an athlete’s jump?

How does mass affect a pendulum swing?

What is the best shock absorber for dropping an egg?

How does the angle of impact affect patterns observed in falling water balloons?

What type of ball bounces the highest?

How does changing the height from which a ball is dropped impact its bounce?

How does mass affect the distance of a catapulted object?

What is the best shape for a parachute?

What is the best material to use for a parachute?

How does temperature affect a magnet’s strength?

What is the best insulator to keep ice from melting?

How does the size of a vibrating surface affect pitch?

What materials conduct heat the best?

How does the position of a fulcrum affect the ability of a lever to do work?

Which conditions produce the best echo?

How do pulleys affect the amount of mass that can be lifted?

How does the surface area of a drum affect its pitch?

What materials are best for conducting electricity?

What is the best insulator to keep ice from melting?

What conditions make for the fastest sailboat?

What conditions make a top that spins the longest?

How do different surfaces affect friction?

How do different surfaces affect friction?

How does the diameter of the hose affect the speed of water in a siphon?

How much weight can the surface tension of water hold?

What brand of battery lasts the longest?